Early Career Special Educator Award

The Virginia Council for Learning Disabilities (VCLD) is pleased to announce a newly established award that was offered for the first time in 2017, the VCLD Early Career Special Educator Award. The award honors early career teachers, those who have taught for a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 5 years of their career, who have achieved in areas of teaching, leadership and/or advocacy for students with learning disabilities at a level that is exceptional for an early career educator. Please consider honoring a deserving colleague in your school system with a nomination for our 2021 award.

Catherine Burton, special educator at Monterey Elementary School in Roanoke, is VCLD’s Early Career Special Educator for 2019.

The 2019 award recipient, Catherine Burton, from Monterey Elementary School in Roanoke, was recognized at the VCLD Spring Symposium held at Old Dominion University.

Simple Nomination Process:

Nominator should write a nomination letter that includes:

Demographic information: Nominee’s name, home address and phone number, work address and phone number, email address, school/school division name and address

Experience: A description of the nominee’s accomplishments and contributions to the education of students with disabilities and an explanation of how these represent excellence in an early career educator (no more than 750 words)

   Nominee should provide:

            Current resume

Two support letters:

Letters from people who can provide factual evidence of teaching ability and contribution to the profession. Colleagues, supervisors/administrators, and others from the education community, including students and their families, may submit support letters.

Criteria – The award recipient has taught students with learning disabilities or other high incidence disabilities and demonstrated strengths in one or more of the following three areas:

  • collaborates to improve current education programs and service delivery
  • implements evidence-based practices resulting in increased success for children, adolescents, or adults with learning disabilities
  • advocates for students with learning disabilities and their families

Recipient Receives

From the VCLD,

    • Early Career Award presentation at the annual symposium
    • Complimentary registration for the VCLD symposium
    • Interviewed for VCLD website with picture

To download a copy of these nomination requirements in Word format, click here.

 For questions and to submit your nominations contact:

Dr. Clara Hauth, VCLD Past-President and Awards & Honors Chairperson Email: chauth@marymount.edu